Toyota Forutner

Toyota Forutner is already doing excellent sales for Toyota Company and its new models will be launched after ETIOS Liva. It will be available with upgraded features along with automatic transmissions.

Four speed auto boxes will be same used in Thailand model and it is nothing to write about company and also planning to improve its ride quality of popular Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to make it more comfortable.

toyota forutner

The top line new Fortuner will be priced around 30-Lakhs making it loose the value for money proposition to make much demand in automotive market.

New Fortuner is competing with premium brands and it includes updated audio system.

New Grille

new toyota forutner grille

The main and most attractive feature of fortuner is its three rows of seats and it is available in rear wheel drives or four wheel drives among others.

The new Fortuner is part of Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand.

• The engines are available depending on the country sale.

• It includes 2.7 L2TR-FE and 4.0L, 1GR-FE V6 petrol engine variable value timing; 2.5 L2KD-FTV and common rail uneven geometry turbocharger diesel trims.

• Trim levels are G and G luxury for rear wheel drive diesel and gasoline.

By all special features of Toyota Fortuner is best selling in its line-up (SUV/PPU) and in Philippines and currently in Thailand. But it is not offered in Japan, North America, and Europe.

At last we can say it is one of the most preferable models in present automotive market, as per today’s market view.

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