Top Luxury Cars Brands

Bentley autos are the apex of fine tuning and stature for individuals pay for these extravagant automobiles.

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It was founded in the year 1919 by Walter Bentley; the establishment enlarged repute for excellent presentation and running achievements. In the year 1929 due to monetary calamity the sale of Rolls Royce increased.

Bentleys are the vital in intricately complete insides and are instantaneously identifiable with their well finished exteriors.

Show and graceful designing are always termed to be associated with English automobile producer Jaguar.

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Subsequently the business’s initiation in 1928, the Jaguar product has been Identical with old-style appeal and the traditional indulgence and enhancement of the British higher class.

Due to economic crisis it was undergoing parent company Ford traded the Jaguar product to Tata Motors in 2008. It is an Indian automobile industrial cluster it is uplifting the magic of British model with innovative projects like XK and XF models.

Ferdinand Porsche is the founder of Porsche he launched manufacturing shop in 1931 after getting lot of experience from Daimler Motors.

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Porsche developed muscular connection with Volkswagen and he was actively participated in designing of Volkswagen Beetle this is the main reason many of his chassis were inspired by the Volkswagen design.

In 1950 Porsche launched two sports cars such 550 Spyder and 356 Speedster and it was one of the luckiest year for the Porsche.
Porsche has got good brand name in market because of its outstanding performing cars and presently they are providing stunning SUV’s and Sports cars in market.

Land Rover is an English producer of extravagant SUV’s.

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Though well-equipped with skin/leather seating and internal comforts, the make is known universally as extremely proficient off-road automobile.

This status was received from the business’s establishment in 1948 when Spencer and Maurice Wilkes advanced a vehicle to contest the U.S.Army’s World War II Jeep as it was inspiring. As years rolled in decades Land Rover has improved the power, show, and enhancement of its Sports car’s.

In 1970 arrival of Range Rover, an SUV got more buyers than explorers. The Range Rover was sold in U.S in 1987 first. In the year 1989 it was tailed by 2- door model.

The mushrooming market for SUV’s impelled the parent company BMW to create automobiles even more deluxe in appearance to the extraordinary class category.

bmw logo

The Freelander an SUV make was presented in 1990 it was the 1st creation to have Hill Decent Control, this arrangement inevitably controls the SUV’s swiftness during sharp lineages. Land Rover has freshly announced inexpensive makes like Evoque and LR4.
BMW shifted the company to Ford who sold it to Tata Motors due to financial crisis. Currently SUV prototypes are sold by the company in U.S.

Rolls-Royce is synonymous with opulent, hand-crafted luxury. For over 100 years, the company has set the standard that other manufacturers endeavor to achieve. The company was launched by two partners Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce in 1906.

rolls-royce logo

The 6 cylinder Silver Ghost was their first automobile and it is known as one of the best cars in the automotive world. Still the company is providing Ghost models in market and also the company keep on to deliver most instantly and evocative standard cars in auto world.

Lexus the high-end name for Toyota was 1st presented in 1989 with the entry of LS 400.

lexus logo

This extravagant sedan saw praises for its well designed and well- furnished insides, engine act comfort ride and price.

The launch of actual Lexus LS in 1989 has more additions like convertible, coupe, mid-sized SUV make, crossover.

In 2005 crossover hybrid RX was introduced, and these models have joined the league. Lexus is engaged in sales worldwide more than 70 countries it has become the most famous name in Japan.

Maserati was started in 1914 by 6 Italian brothers; they were racing lovers and won many awards in race.

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They also set a World C-class speed record in 1929 with this success they launched 3500GT and A6 Coupe and later on the company is transferred from race to exotic road vehicles, its first design skill and engineering was released with sleekly styled Ghibli and 330 horsepower.

Even after facing difficulties in finance for many decade years still they are in market due to their powerful engine and 4 seat coupe models.

Maserati is delivering high performing and stylish vehicles in comparison others in the market.

Acura Luxury and show brand was presented to the buyers of North America in 1986 by Honda Motors, from the 1st car till its existing cars including sedans, sport wagons, Acura has united driver’s and passenger comfort with motorized accuracy and high concert. Acura endures to construct its name for stylish designing, higher engineering and innovative technologies.

acura logo

Infiniti is the top division of Japanese auto manufacturer of Nissan.

infiniti logo

It publically ventured into North America for operations in 1989 with Q45 model. Nissan declared that in 2011 front-wheel drive will be offered in with the lineup of Infiniti also with new Infiniti JX with growing market in Ukraine, Middle-East, Korea, and Taiwan.

Audi is a German make it is placed as the high- end brand of Volkswagen cluster.

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The Company manufactures automobiles from crossover SUV to mini cars, they are available in different classes varying in range of prices, and they are sold in the brand name Audi. Audi combined with makers DKW, Wanderer, Horch to arrange the company Auto union the 4 ring hood emblem represents this coming together.

Tesla it is an ecological make it was originated in 2003 and it’s headquarter is in Palto Alto California.

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The latest cars are soon to be released; the Tesla type S, a family sedan extravagant touched the limit of 6500 in October 2011.

Buick is the oldest American automobile company started by David Buick in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan.

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Initial victory gave way to form large company with new name General Motors. Buick has been foremost GM brand that is followed even today.
The trade of GM as well as the success of fresher models cleared Buick from North American markets.

Lincoln is an automobile brand in America founded in the year 1915 by Henry M. Leland.

lincoln logo

It is not named after the founder, but named after Abraham Lincoln, the company declared bankruptcy in 1920 due to heavy losses, it was later in the hands of Ford Motor Company and till date it is still with Ford.

Lincoln vehicles produced, promoted and sold in North America have epitomized excellent quality in tune with super luxury make. Lincoln has manufactured effective models so far including the Continental and Town car, the Lincol –Zephyr it is popular for its dependability.

Cadillac is the fewest types of American vehicle brands it started as indulgence make in 1902 August and it positioned itself on top for its super luxurious cars.

cadillac logo

During the fuel crisis in 1970 the competitors terminated operations during World War I, World War II. The symbol of maintaining top position is because of its simplicity in design.

Mercedes Benz is the world’s leading names; its existence is from 1886. Benz patent Motorwagen was created by Karl Benz, it was the 1st petrol/gas car powered by combustion engine internally.

mercedes benz logo

It was the 1st car to accept the name Mercedes and also promoted in 1901 by Daimler Motors, by unification of Benz and Daimler in 1926 all the cars were advertised in the name of Mercedes Benz it offers commercial and passenger cars. It is the primitive brand still in existence manufactures automobiles in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.

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