The new Lincoln Navigator 2015

2014 Chicago Auto Show unveiled the first look of the all-new Lincoln Navigator, the Lincoln Motor Company launched the 2015 Navigator providing a brand new understanding of a typical vehicle that has been termed as a luxury SUV.

The public was treated with the brand new Lincoln Navigator which has set a new trend in the SUV segment. The car has changed its look and feel of the vehicle and 2015 will be the model year for this car. The appearance of the car is accentuated by the exterior design and Lincoln’s signature split – wing grille simultaneously the interiors of the car are emphasized with extra customer-centric technologies and elegant leather. The demand for a more sophisticated appearance of the vehicle harmonizes the enhanced transportation and power capabilities are met, the customers of Navigator were waiting for so long for this kind of model.

With the present generation models, the Lincoln Navigator is available in two categories the standard comes with 20-inch aluminum wheels that are mechanized, reserve package cars are fitted with 22-inch polished aluminum wheels whereas the reserve package navigator is offered with chrome accentuated running panel that is optional.

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is obtainable in standard lengthwise at 207.4 inches which can be extended to 222.3 inches edition in present-generation models.

This vehicle has been identified with scaled-up luxury, the reserve package Navigator 2015 is launched to highlight a new level of luxury in interiors per se offering clients a modern cabin that broadens super-luxurious leather to all the rows of the seats, including the armrest, transmission/ conduction shifter, and center console.
The leather glove box door is wrapped with contrast stitching on the instrument panel, usage of first-class Ziricote wood drape which is a luxurious natural-grained wood mostly used as an adornment in Yachts.

Ecoboost engine of 3.5 liter which is fuel efficient and powerful is used replacing 5.4 liter V8 that has motorized Navigator for years.

According to first-round test records, the horsepower of 370 and 430 lb-ft of torque is expected to deliver with direct injection and a twin-turbocharged engine. As we come closer to production final numbers will be available for customers, the Ecoboost 3.5 liter engine is also expected to deliver top-class hauling.

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator elements a six-speed mechanical program with Lincoln’s select shift this allows the driver to control gears manually if it is required. The configuration of vehicle is available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The control Track four-wheel drive system highlights grip on greasy surfaces assists beautifully on dry roads and facilitates off-road capability.

The success accounted for 41% of in-segment sales by the 2000 model year. To recapture Yester year’s glory the Lincoln Navigator 2015 is offering upgraded cars for the present generation.
The production of Lincoln Navigator 2015 is scheduled for production in late summer of 2014 in Louisville Kentucky Truck Plant. The cars will be available in showrooms for customers in winter/fall 2014.

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