Toyota 4Runner 2014

Today, as consumers are showing more interest towards more-efficient, soft-riding based vehicle models, there has been sharp decrease in the production of truck-shaped SUV models, which are basically built for off-road driving.

Famous off-roaders like GMC Sierra, Ford F-Series, and the likes are especially known for their off-road capability, and amazing towing prowess. One model from the well-known Japan based carmaker, Toyota Motors, that comes under this genre is 4Runner.

2014 toyota 4runner

The Japan carmaker is planning to come up with many significant changes for this particular model during its 2014 model year. All the important changes that one can expect out of this upcoming 2014 Toyota 4Runner will be illustrated in the subsequent sections.

Key Competitors

The main rivals for the 2014 4Runner include 2013 Nissan Pathfinder, and 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. With many updates in store, the new truck is expected to give tough contention to its key rivals.
Changes in Store for 2014 4Runner

As per some prominent sources, the 2014 edition is more likely to come out with reworked body shape, and interiors. The new truck is expected to offer a little more toughness, particularly while driving in the off-road conditions.

Technically, there will be some noticeable updates in the new model, which can help it to give tough competition to its key contenders within its class.

toyota 4runner 2014

Technical Updates and MPG Details

Under the hood, the latest truck will be armed with a standard 4.0-liter V6 power-train which can pump out a maximum of 270 horsepower. With this output power, it can tow a maximum of 5,000 pounds.
As per EPA estimates, the 2014 model is anticipated to achieve a fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon in cities, and 23 miles per gallon on highways.


The pricing details of the 2014 4Runner have not yet been disclosed by Toyota, and its 2013 edition has been released with a base price of $32,335. Stay tuned with us to know about the updated pricing details.

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