New 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

2014 Chevrolet Silverado has witnessed 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Many people walked right through the Silverado of 2014 to gain a better look at C7 Corvette, but still the truck is a momentous launch.

With all the rumours spread on C7 Corvette, you would never have imagined that 2014 Silverado and GMC Sierra will be redesigned. This full-size pickup clones are arguably a momentous launch by GM if you consider total collection of sales volume in manufacturer’s line-up. Yet you could be able to see that the trucks were given a brief cite during company’s press conference at Auto show in Detroit.

2014 chevrolet silverado

Under the metal skin lies a new generation 5-small block engine that has brought a direct injection to the automaker’s truck at the earliest. The engine committee called EcoTec3 will come in two V8 versions -5.3L and 6.2L along with 2 cylinders lopped off for 4.3L V6. However, enough power and torque generated by these new engines is still veil of secrecy.

chevrolet silverado 2014

Being metallic, the truck looks very conservative and we could observe GM’s hesitation to get too rowdy with its exterior design. The renovated cabin ratchets quotient up the mark without erranting too distant from its theme being recognized by the launching model. The present hydraulic setup is replaced by Electric power steering and its suspension is tweaked to improve the ride and balancing.

One of the favourite innovations on the truck is a new rear-bumper and cargo-step system that helps for the easier access of bed.
Its upgraded interior and customized style are considered to be the major factors to uphold the GM’s customers.

But without knowing the vehicle’s engine output and mileage it’s difficult to make rough estimations on competitiveness against recently renovated Ram and F-150.

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