2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is a sedan it announced price hike on the upcoming models from coming year the bookings are speeding up from 2013 January these models fall in list of standard and option packages.

As per latest reports price hike is $2,500 set for all models giving a new base price for the 40 KWh model S,$69,900 for 60 KWh model, $79,900 for 85 KWh model ,these all model are exempted from federal tax credit.

2013 tesla model s

The main attractions of the Tesla Model S are:

They include 12-way adjustable, the front /passenger seats are heated, the package cars all use a 19 inch wheels instead 21 inch wheels for the additional cost of $3,500 as in lower -trim model.

Other additional factors are: Inclusive of extended warranty for additional four years coverage and 50,000 miles for a price of $2,500.

2013 tesla model s

Customers can also avail the service of second four year prepaid maintenance program which comes for the price of $1,900 varies to $2,400 with unlimited Tesla Ranger visits.

tesla model s 2013

Customers worried about battery life or increase in battery prices can lock in the price of battery for replacement after eight years, customers owning Model 40 KWh will incur cost of $ 8,000, 60 KWh model $10,000, and 85 KWh model $12,000, respectively.

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