Volkswagen’s New Concept Car the XL1

Volkswagen has exposed one of the fuel efficient XL1 model in the world. We can say the VW XL1 is an automotive idol which follows fresh super car design.

volkswagen xl1

Two passengers can be seated comfy in this new car and it is motorized by 800cc diesel engine also including battery pack and electric motor, which puffs out unbelievable 111 KMPL. It has high tech light weight design, plug-in hybrid & wonderful aerodynamics system.

Top speed of XL1 is impressive 160 KMPH and it can accelerate 100 KMPH just in 12.7 sec this shows how VW is redefining what is technically possible in car production.

Width 1,665 mm
Length 3,888 mm
Height 1,153 mm
Fuel Capacity 35 Ltr
Base Price Rs 5,00,000

vw xl1 volkswagen xl1 interior vw xl1
new vw xl1 new volkswagen xl1 xl1

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