Stunning 2015 Lincoln MKC

Lincoln brand is getting revitalized by Ford; the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC sedan is displaying the new products. Lincoln has used brand new sheet metal on the opening wing grille in the center and front, a wrap-around classy tailgate accompanied with tail lamps that extends till the width of the hatchback. This model is the new and modern design seen so far by Lincoln that is modern and at the same time luxurious.

The MKC wraps an engine of 2.3 liters with an Eco Boost engine of four cylinders is optional 2.0 is the standard engine used, with a torque of 300 pounds, and 275 horsepower, on the front and all-wheel drive the car uses new and efficient Continuously Controlled Damping adaptive suspension. The styling is upscale and it is debuting in LA giving Ford a new brand lift and a chance to make a niche in the market.

This model looks promising and is ready to lure prospective buyers with its special and luxurious features like the 2.3 liter Eco Boost engine makes the car fly with its extraordinary performance.

To have a smoother and quieter ride MKC has incorporated CCD which helps in monitoring the road and adjusts the suspension accordingly to counter potholes and bumps. The knobs and buttons on the central console spread a new layout, there are three modes making MKC agile such as normal, comfortable, and sport modes.

The interiors of Lincoln MKC 2015 are all made of real wood veneers and soft leather giving it a royal touch. This small car comes in connection with smartphone connectivity where the owners can use mobile apps remotely to check the usage of gas and how much gas is left in the tank and air in the tyre. MKC is the second car that will be unveiled apart from four other cars and the pricing is still under covers.

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