A glimpse of the new LF-LC Concept

Recently, on the 9th January 2012, the Toyota’s luxury vehicle sub-division, Lexus has revealed its new LF-LC sleek concept model at the North American Motor Show.

The concept model offers a preview of the future 2+2 sports coupe hybrid that is being developed from the carmaker. It is anticipated to discover the future of Lexus models design.

lexus concept


Basically, the new LF-LC Lexus Concept has been showcased at the Detroit actually revives the company’s design revolution that was initiated with the GS and CT models.

concept cars

It completely unshackles the basic idea of a luxury high-performing sports coupe, and expands the boundaries of style, performance, and technology. It has been developed by the automaker’ Calty Design studio situated in Newport Beach, Calif.

Styling and Design Cues

new lexus concept

The designers of the new concept have been pretty successful in maintaining the originality of its parent company, and the concept has been able to embody the vision of the company about the premium sport coupe.

It clearly displays the latest design language of the company in its daring interpretation of the moniker spindle front grille, and exceptional rear architecture.

new lexus concept

Extravagant curves combine efficiently into vehicle’s active angles, developing an alluring display of shadows, lines, and corners.

Interior Designing

lexus concept interior

The interior cabin of the new concept gaps the cool impression of progressive technology with organic body shapes and soft textures to generate a driver focused cooperation of both form and function.

It has come incorporated with a twin 12.3-inches standard LCD display screen, which is used to offer navigation information.

lexus concept

On the whole, with the new LF-LC concept, Lexus has approved that it has the potential to produce inspiring sport coupes, similar to its key competitors.

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