1966 Batmobile Orginal is Available at Barrett-Jackson

A classic machine was on auction on January 19, 2012 in Scottsdale, the car is a model made in 1966 the original Batmobile from world’s best car manufacturer Ford.

1966 batmobile barris

We flew down to Barris Kustoms in North Hollywood to bid farewell to the outgoing car owned by George Barris in , he bought this car for barely $1 in 1965, it is an Italian make it got a transformation in just three days as Batman’s Batmobile from the existing concept car Lincoln Futura in 1955, car builder had brain stormed to create this master piece from hammering the sheet metal to give the car a super look and Batman’s Batmobile was born.

batmobile barris 1966

As it was created in late 60’s it had weird look but nothing stopped the car to mark its presence in the market, and Adam west spent good 2 years taking the machine on the roads of the city to match up to the roads we have to wait and watch the performance of the car when it pulled off on the roads following month at Barret-Jackson Scottsdale

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