New ActiveHybrid 3

BMW has a good news for its lovers the brand is launching a new series of cars to meet the current trends of the car market, it is lining up different colors and the main attraction is its very own mega -wow i models this broadens the customer’s choice.

activehybrid 3

These ActiveHybrid machines or normally called as fully parallel-hybrid electrics are BMW’s charismatic turbocharged diesel vehicles which unfortunately people living in North America and Asia do not easily accept these cars as they are heavily priced so they do not find good business selling these hybrid cars apart from them being excellent oil burners.

BMW is getting ready to line up bulky and highly priced models, darting at the new Active Hybrid with versions like X6, 7, 5, and now 3 series titled “F30h” it is a sedan with 5-seater and the acceleration varies from 0 to 60mph in 5.2 seconds. The Active Hybrid weighs 3860 pounds, the trunk floor carries this extra weight with the help of a battery pack in between rear wheels made of 96 cell lithium-ion, the exterior of the car is delicate that stands out from the rest and interior of the car has 8.8 idrive screen for navigation, heated and ventilated seats, heated rear and steering as well.

2013 bmwactivehybrid 3

BMW has taken safety measures with anti lock brakes, side impact and knee airbags, other add ons are parking sensors, backup camera; surrounds view system and many excellent features.

Fuel mileage is commendable with 25 % more than 335i sedan per gallon; it gives 25 miles in the city and 33 on the highway per gallon.

new bmwactivehybrid 3

The engine is turbocharged with 6 cylinder engine in addition within inbuilt electric motor with 8 speed steptronic transmission of 54hp and 155-lb feet of torque. To sum it this entire car is an amazing sedan to own one and is ready to hit the roads in early January.

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