Know more about the 2015 BMW X6

The wait for the 2015 BMW X6 finally ended when the legendary German luxury carmaker revealed the key features to expect from the big lavish, high-performance coupe.

A lot was expected out of the 2015 edition and fortunately, the automaker hasn’t left its fan unhappy. The latest 2015 BMW X6 has come armed with new potent design traits as compared to the earlier editions.

The new coupe is coming out with the ability to churn out even more outstanding performance which is expected to help it to be the top buying choice for all those who are looking out for ultimate driving pleasure. Its highly innovative luxury interior features, intoxicating performance stats, and alluring design elements is making it irresistible for anyone to ignore it.

A new improved 4.4-liter V88 petrol engine is used to power the new X6 Sports Activity Coupe, which is expected to chunk out a power of around 330kW/450 hp – nearly a 10-percent increase from the earlier edition. Interestingly, the new engine is said to consume almost 22 percent less fuel consumption than the previous model, which is something that compels all fuel-efficiency-conscious buyers.

The 2015 X6 coupe can easily hit the 100 km/h or 62 mpg mark in just around 4.8 seconds, which is one of the best figures within its class. The carmaker hasn’t made any updates about the pricing of the new 2015 model so stay tuned with us to know the price details of the upcoming X6 sports coupe.

Are you waiting to drive home a new 2015 BMW X6? Hope the above information has provided a brief insight into what one could expect out of the new model.

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