2013 Subaru BRZ Preview

The Subaru BRZ model comes with a rear wheel drive system including horizontally- opposed boxer engine and it was manufactured as joint project between Toyota and Subaru. This sports car has tremendous steering output and the vehicle provide you delightful driving experience, which can experience by everyone.

New car includes fuel efficient engine, which was placed even lower when compared to other Subaru versions.
The amazing quality and the combined light-weight frame BRZ which realize the company’s aim for “Pure Handling Delight’.

2013 subaru brz

This model of sports car has the quality of low center of gravity, compactness and lightweight. Their attributes is frame as maximized by positioning this engine even close to the chassis and lower. “Pure Handling Delight “is the most important concept of the product .By these factors it contributed to BRZ’s low center of gravity which is one of the lowest possible. Any person who drives this car will enjoy the driving with the peace of mind.

Exterior Design

2013 subaru brz

With the low-mounted boxer engine the BRZ is well mannerly designed with the sub-frame that frame forms an “ultra low center of gravity package”. With this form this sports car reached position of low driving, it is one of the typical sports car. The BRZ is overall height is 1,300mm and it has a wide and low body, which is around 1775mm. The vehicle has two plus two seating and along with that ample space & this sports car is also very comfortable for long tour with its surprising utility.

This car Subaru has the aimed, which automatically conveys the driver the fun of it. By looking its outside look only you can fully recognized as a Subaru, this is its additional features.

Front & Rear Fascia

2013 brz

The Subaru from its front look can be easily recognized as it has 6-star ornament, headlights, and hexagon lower grille which follow the common design among the new Subaru models. The hood design is formed by “ultra-low center of gravity. The expectation of the Subaru BRZ’s is raise by this front fender.

The beauty of the BRZ’s is from its rear view only which contrast compact cabin and rear wheel arches.
The BRZ’s sensuous beauty which is fender flares, the car low center of gravity which is combined that pillar shape, trunk lid layout, rear glass inclination. The spots car is expected to be liveliness which expresses the front and rear overhangs.


2013 subaru brz interior

The interior of this sports car is designed in such a way where the driver and the vehicle are not separate that means driving this car the fun is experience in such a way that the driver and the vehicle become one.

To achieve the sports car maneuverability the vehicle has been marketed with smaller steering wheel.

In it the speedometer is placed in the center of the gauges with tachometer with digitally displayed, by this the driver can constantly see the information without losing its attention from the road.

The seats are also so well design that feature lowered sitting position which can match the “ultra-low center of gravity, by this the car seats hold the driver and the passenger too.


The new Boxer engine is designed in such a manner that highly efficient with superior output power and nature friendly. It also realizes exciting high revving nature that is aspirated car engine.

This sports car engine has square bore (86 x 86mm) and it has Toyota’s port injection and direct injection technology “D-4S” due to the joint development with Toyota Motors.

The transmission that focuses on modifies which is the only joy of driving the sports car. The lever was optimized in quality, weight application and rigidity which is superb shift feel, and it also has 6-speed MT employs which is not long but it is stoke shift lever.

In order to provide pleasure and safety all the models are equipped with electronic stability control.

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