2013 Maserati Quattroporte Review

It is a luxury car owned by an Italian car manufacturer Fiat S.P.A the emblem on the car is a Trident, it was established in the year 1914.It is a 4 door saloon with a sporty look which was introduced in 2004 and was given a makeover in 2009.

This car is the 6th generation line up and is the product of Ferrari comes with brand new engines, totally focused on efficiency where V6 is 3.0 liter and V8 is 3.8 liter both these trim level cars make the most use of trusted induction.

2013 maserati quattroporte

The 2013 Maserati Quattroporte this time is out with looks that is appealing for the wider mass the changes are made keeping the audience in mind.

2013 maserati quattroporte interior

The team of designers have also kept the looks ,and proportion intact with the previous model with excellent performance, the car is on the lighter side with high end electronic gears it is functional as well does not give a bloated look, the car is longer and larger than previous models the infotainment, switchgear, buttons, and knobs are given a facelift and the instrument panel, console layouts and centre stack are redesigned for neat and elegant looks, the interior is also not far behind it is made out of Italian leather and the rest is made of fiber, metal, wood the panels are of carbon which is inbuilt they all contribute for the luxurious looks of the car.

The prices of this super looking car will be disclosed in the 2013 quarter in local showroom.

2013 maserati quattroporte 2013 maserati quattroporte 2013 maserati quattroporte

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