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2013 Ford Super Duty: new model is coming soon

The 2013 Ford Super Duty is coming soon in to auto world along with impressive style and large body. It is anticipated to become one of the best selling models for the Ford, so the American carmaker is very eager to make some noise about this new upcoming model.

The new 2013 F-Series Super Duty is expected to get equipped with squared-off headlamps, and new grille; however nothing could be noticed clearly in the above image.

2013 f-series

As of now we could gather only this much information about this new model, and if you want know all about this new edition you have to wait until 9 March 2013.

Still we are expecting the name of this new trim level and we don’t have any idea about this, if you want know all about this new edition then you have to wait until 9 March.

Source: Autoblog

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