Latest Cars

Cars have been renovated with pace of time and some technical and mechanical advancements have made cars even smarter than expected. Cutting edge futuristic design and improved fuel efficiency has revolutionized automobile sector. From sports car ranges to comfortable family saloon, every car is made smart in every aspect.

The car market is in the fast track and every maker is vying for a piece of the cake. People are in the lookout for latest versions and lapping out whatever is dished out to them. Every one, wanting to buy a car, looking for power under the hood, great sleek looks and the gadgets to go with. The car manufacturers are introducing full range of cars to serve a variety of demands from fuel efficient to the glitzy and powerful.

latest cars

Availability of high end range of cars has grown by leaps and bounds. Now one can choose from BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, etc. All these cars have everything that a serious car enthusiast looks for. The engines have the ominous power to zip you from 1 – 100 in split second, the interiors made for the connoisseur in you and the latest gadgets fitted like defoggers, power glass roofs, entertainment systems satiate all the desires of the occupants. The cars look curvy, adorable, with a glint of power sitting inside the bonnet. On road they become envy for all.

Nowadays cars are featured with fuel efficient engine with aerodynamically approved models for creating lesser coefficient of drag force. Alternate power sourced engine which is named as hybrid engine consists of dual powered engine which runs on both electricity and chemical. The operation of conventional automobiles is at about 15%.The left over energy goes to the engine and drive-train inefficiencies and ailing .Therefore, enormous efforts have been made in order to improve fuel efficiencies.

Various technologies have been utilised and developed, to increase the efficiency of cars. Technologies like compressed air in cars are just like a tribute to man-kind and car lovers.

Think about a car that runs on air. The air we breathe, the air that’s for free. Imagine it’s costs nothing to fill up your cars with gas, that gas also have to be the same gas which fill your lungs with every breath.

Science fiction novelist predicted that the cars will one day run on air. Fully functional prototype of light weight cars, fuelled completely by compressed air.

Actually all engines work with compressed air, the most engine suck it in, eat it up. It pressurizes and pushes into piston. But, compressed air engines pressurize air first. Compressed air engines do have emission but it’s ice-cool completely and clean high breathable air. Obviously compressed air cars doesn’t use combustion, compressed air is an energy carrier, it has to be compressed and it will be restored and return what we gave it.

All the latest cars have become a craze and people have been queuing up to become proud owners. Every one worth his salt would love to own one of these powerful road beauties and flaunt them. Their power and looks have attracted many but only a few have been able to posses them. There are many more beauties which would make one drool.

It is a car aficionado’s dream to behold such beauties and not own one. The sheer muscle power they exude gives the rider the thrill of feeling the extreme power under his control. Many new designs, shapes and models are on the anvil of being rolled out in the near future. One has to wait with baited breath to have a glimpse of these amazing power machines which would be unveiled soon.

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