2014 Peugeot 308 Focus fighter from France

At Frankfurt’s 2013 Motor show new Peugeot 308 is a major development over past models, the engineers and designers have shaped a hatchback that is bold, modern, and spontaneous. They have designed the car in a classy make, condensed dimensions, and less weighty (140kg).

The new Peugeot 308 provides an excellent driving experience, and well-designed interiors; its CO2 emission sets a new yardstick. The refined interiors, controls such as (Peugeot i- cockpit) and new equipment assure a pleasant driving experience.

The new model will capture the market with its very grand initial design; high-quality performance has positioned the vehicle among the best. Its two-tone paint and horsepower engine 270 has grabbed all the attention, it is termed as the concept car and for all average European users, the standard five-door Peugeot 308 is nicely styled competing against the C- segment cars, Ford Focus, and Volkswagen Golf.

The vehicle being a small hatch for the European market, the engine of 308 shouldn’t be a shocker, the typical range of small diesel engines and standard gas, the new 1.2 liters and gas engine of three-cylinder play a vital role in launching the car.

This small and compact car represents an ultra-modern trend of small displacement and turbo charged gas engines, with a horsepower of 110- 130 offering lighter engines, efficient cylinders that perform better than four cylinders, and not to forget 45 % more torque.

The huge line up of live image gallery of Peugeot 308 from the 2013 Frankfurt show and a press release of initial debut back in the month of May. Sales will start in Europe and UK in January 2014.

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